Timesuck Valentines Card Set

Timesuck Valentines Card Set

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Kicking off the New Year with a bang!

Jumping straight into the season of LOVE with arguably our greatest release EVER!!
Hitting the shelves this week is an incredible Valentines card set featuring some of our top Serial Killer sucks. Each set includes 16 cards with 8 unique illustrated designs on foldable cardstock. On the front we've got what Logan calls a 1920s era Children's Valentine illustration of each of the following:

Lil Eddie Kemper, Teddy Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, Johnny Wayne Gacy, Richy Ramirez, Lil Andrei Chikatilo, Davey Burkowitz, and finally a duo card of Freddy and Rosie West.

On the back you have your TO / FROM lines along with 8 unique hearts.
These are seriously one of my favorite items we've ever done.

*Each card measures 3.5 x 4.75 folded (7 x 4.75 unfolded)

*We also have fun 5X7 wooden framed (and unframed) mini canvases as well. They're pretty fucking cute.