Order Of The Suck Sticker

Order Of The Suck Sticker

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"Order of the S.U.C.K" (Society of the Understanding of Critical Knowledge) Ex Quo Uberibus

We are inviting Timesucker's to purchase one of our Timesuck “Freemason" type stickers. Put your business in front of fellow Meatsacks to potentially come support your business!

These stickers are only going to Timesucker’s who own a business and/or work at a business that would be cool with placing the marking sticker outside their business. The ideal location is outside, above front door; but on a front window or somewhere else very visible works as well.)

Each business is eligible to buy ONE sticker for their business. If you have multiple locations, please contact oots@badmagicproductions.com and we can help you sort it out. Once you receive your sticker, stick it in a visible location and then email a picture of where you placed the sticker to oots@badmagicproductions.com with “Order of the Suck" as the subject. In this email, you MUST also include the name of your business, physical address, phone number, and a short description of what your business offers.

The idea is simple. Timesucker's can open the Timesuck app, and visit "Order of the S.U.C.K” establishments to help support those who support the suck! In fact, you can see the first round of participants right now inside the latest update of the Timesuck app! Fuck yeah bro!

"Support Those Who Support the Suck” with “Order of the S.U.C.K.”